Elles sont là

Elles sont là (They are here)

Nadine Boisseau Florence Desseigne Saraswati Gramich Mitsouko Mori Malvina Silberman
February 2017

La Petite Collection

La Petite Collection

The White Project gallery hosts the Petite Collection cards
Thursday 26th and Friday 27th May
24 rue Saint Claude 75003 Paris, from 3 to 9 PM

Raconte-moi ton corps

"Raconte-moi ton corps"

Saraswati GRAMICH | Sun Mi KIM | Agnès PEZEU | Etienne ZUCKER | Béatrice-Valentine AMRHEIN | Brigitte DERBIGNY | Nicolas COLIN | Malvina SILBERMAN

paper works donated to Bernay Fine Art museum

Permanent collection - Bernay museum

Nicolas Colin, Saraswati Gramich, Agnès Pezeu, Mitsouko Mori, Sonia Delaunay, Madeleine Weber and Jean Hélion.

7 months exhibition of paper works donated to Bernay Fine Art museum.

Et que la rencontre vive...

Et que la rencontre vive...

Exhibition from 1st May to 2 July 2015
from 10 AM to 12 PM and from 3 to 7 PM everyday except Monday
Bernard Boesch musem 44510 Le Pouliguen

Angie Seah au Palais de Tokyo

Some thoughts on the power of noise

We did not notice when Angie Seah began her performance in front of Henrique Oliveira’s work at Palais de Tokyo, March 28, 2015.

Circuites indigènes 3 2014

Les 111 des arts - exhibition - Paris

From Friday 14 to Saturday 22 November 2014. Closed on Moncay 17 November
8th arrondissement townhouse of Paris 3 rue de Lisbonne 75008 PARIS

Bruits 2014


Exhibition of works by Marc Guillermin and Saraswati Gramich

From 5 to 15 June 2014
At 60 Adada, 60, rue Gabriel Péri 93200 Saint-Denis

Du mercredi au vendredi de 15h à 19h
Samedi et dimanche de 11h à 19h

Musée des Beaux-Arts, Bernay

Et que l’aventure continue…(And the adventure continues ...)

Contemporary Art Exhibition
From June 17 to September 21, 2014
Museum of Fine Art, Bernay

Horizontal effel

The French Art scene is really strange!

It is a statement I heard in a friend’s car in Singapore just before I moved to France. I asked what that meant, but I did not get a satisfactory answer. What is really strange in the French art scene? The art or the scene? Or is it the French? The artists? Art lovers?