Souffle 2016

Electric wire, paper, wood, aluminium, concrete, painting

Cadavre esquit at 60 Adada

A group exhibition after 24 hours of insitu creation with Adada's artists. Inspired by "Mid summer night's dream" by W. Shakespeare.

Archipel 2014

Stainless steel, wire, rubber, silicon, wax, wood. Approximative diameter 250 cm

Hang On ! 2014

fil de fer, plastique

Traffic 2014

Wire, plastic

Plug 2014

Computer cables, plastic string

Nomade 2014

Wire, velvet, wax
The visitors were invited to move and to transform the elements of the installation.

Toute une histoire 2013

Text by Eric Chauvier, images and animation by Saraswati Gramich.
LMQTP 4 exhibition

Web 2013

A site specific installation, a "Cadavre exquis" for the 60 years of Galerie du Haut Pavé : 1953 - 2013

I like 2013

A digital print of my Facebook homepage, 40 x 350 cm.

In the virtual world of social networks, the real and the imaginary fluctuate.
Are we all authors information?
Do we listen to all?

Arrêt sur les mots

Texts co-written by Eric Chauvier and the teenagers from Rencontre 93/AVVEJ, images and banners on tarpaulins by Saraswati Gramich
LMQTP 3 exhibition

Ebulission 2013

"Il est midi à l'heure de maintenant" exhibition
The E42 at the "Artwork list" Collection of Philippe Delaunay
from 19 April to 9 June 2013
Galerie Françoise Besson
10 rue de Crimée, 69001 Lyon

Racine qui respire 2010

Exhibition at Philippe Delaunay premise, organised by « A vol d’oiseau du cercle » association, Paris

Creuser 2010

An interactive sculpture: a part of the sculpture (the "arms") move according to the movement of the visitor.

Les 2 grasses 2009

By Natali Bertrand and Saraswati Gramich.

Festin 2009

Installation in Auvers-sur-Oise, France
For Promenade dans L'art d'aujourd'hui exhibition, from 6 to 7 June 2009

Installation of seeds and candy to attract birds and children.
Beware of sticky hands!

La graine et l'adventice 2009

By Marc Guillermin and Saraswati Gramich.

Exhibition at the garden of l'école du Breuil, in May 2009

An installation of wild plants and their seeds for feeding the birds.

Sweet 2008

De rendez-vous en rendez-vous exhibition
at galerie du Haut-Pavé, Paris, from 16 to 27 September 2008

Lampion 2008

By Marc Guillermin and Saraswati Gramich

Installation for Noctambules, an evening stroll

Saturday, 18 October from 9 PM
Hameau de Corbeauval - Senantes, France

Dust 2008

Adada, St-Denis - from 10 to 27 September 2008
An exhibition of sculpture and installation by Marc Guillermin and Saraswati Gramich proposes the notion of order and assured disorder. It suggests the notion of formation, deformation, determination, partaking, transformation, destruction.

Chair de poule 2008

Exhibition at the "Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication"
182 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris
from 2 october to 19 november 2008

Il est interdit d'interdire,  mais je ne t'engage pas pour être enceinte! 2008

Do not forget that women are the most guilty for the difficulties of women to fight for their rights. The woman cut the branch on which she and another sit and led to the fall of a fight that would have benefited both, therefore all. She prefers to be alone on a branch on the tree, to eat all the fruit to indigestion. She refuses to share with a woman who bear life in her womb. She prefers to see her fall.

Talking ear

An interactive work on the notion of "noise".

Verbal diarrhea 2007

A noisy work on the notion of "noise".

La langue exotique 2007

After a text "Le français, langue exotique?" I wrote for a six-monthly publication of Franco-indonesian association Pasar Malam, "Le Banian", n° 3 - June 2007

Poussière 2007

Installation for an exhibition "EXcroissance 4 2007 - UNe AUTRE imMONDice EST POSSIBLE!", at Soixante-Adada, an artist's run space in Saint-Denis, from 3 May to 3 June 2007


An interactive work for an exhibition "EXcroissance 4 2007 - UNe AUTRE imMONDice EST POSSIBLE!", at Soixante-Adada, an artist's run space in Saint-Denis, from 3 May to 3 June 2007

Pompom girls 2007

Installation for an exhibition L'ovale de la Croupe du Monde, 2007 at Soixante-Adada, an artist's run space in Saint-Denis, from 7 September to 27 October 2007

Le musée d'histoire peu naturelle 2006

This work is imperfect, fun and "alive". It suggests the unnatural quality of creatures.
Galerie du Haut-Pavé. 3 quai Montebello . 75005 Paris.
Exhibition from 23May to 17 June 2006

Puces 2004

Installation at Corentin-Celton hospital, Issy-les-moulineaux, France, 14th October - 15 December 2004
Sculptures in the open air

Acarien 2004

[Dust Mite]
Installation at Atelier KP5, Ivry-sur-Seine, France.
18 May - 26 June 2004

Chair de Poule 2004

[Goose Pimple] an interactive sculpture
Installation at Atelier KP5, Ivry-sur-Seine, France.
18 May - 26 June 2004