Finally Art at a funfair in Saint-Denis!

Enfin Mai 2013I found myself admiring the beautiful poster of the event. I pasted it on my front door’s apartment as well as on the wall of my workplace, right next to the computer, my working tool at least 8 hours per day. It is the image of a half-bird half-human in three primary colors with a very expressive screaming face. It is an expressive poster for a funfair and its collective art exhibition. It may be the supersonic scream to present superhuman strength that allows the accomplishment of the exhibition set up of a hundred artworks in just one night.

This morning, with my husband who is also an artist, and who was part of the night hanging team until 4 AM, and my 5 years old daughter, we went to “la Briche” to discover our collective exhibition. I did not need to contemplate each work in space because space and works were mixed, mingled, pushed and pulled. They were moving with a dizzying speed. At this place, I was one of a "petites poussettes" of Michel Serres, the authors of noise.

The world is changing. Or not.
My little world today in Saint-Denis at the city center is creating impressive noise day and night. Dionysian men and women are very busy in the evenings and nights to perform their “parallel markets”. They settled in front of our building in the hollow facades of an affordable "made in China" clothing shop. I can hear their commotion when the trade goes well, and even more when the trade goes wrong.

This morning, at the exhibition of Contemporary Art at a funfair, I felt too serious for my time. I'm a stiff psycho who seeks an embodied experience in front of a work of art. I want to receive an intellectual return of a work. I am convinced that artists will only create with a critical intention. I admire and want to learn from them. But my physical and intellectual capacity can not be enriched by the artworks thrown in a indefinable sweet-salty-sour soup of moving color, space, volumes. I can not seem to stay anywhere without feeling inadequate. The artworks were beyond me.

But soon will be the municipal elections. Art would be a too elitist concern of the city if it had a place among the priority issues. However, Art can help us addressing the real issues of the city and hearing the real sound.

Do we rather prefer to please people by making them “light”?
Is there really hard issues to questions in this city?
Do we loose ourselves in the artifice of entertainment?

Finally Art at a carnival in Saint-Denis!