Exhibition from 16 May to 13 July 2013
Opening 15 May
at the Pop-up gallery, the Basilique shopping mall, in Saint-Denis.

Thierry Payet / Baptist Coelho / Saraswati Gramich et Eric Chauvier / Jérémie Dres / Stéphane Trois Carrés / Loïc Connanski / Sophie Barbaux.

From May to July 2013, the exhibition LMQTP * 4 presents an urban journey and an ephemeral gallery that shows the works from artists and writers in residencies . These artistic presence at the territory were initiated and organised by Synesthésie in 2012-2013, with partnership with the residents, associations and local services.

LMQTP 4* presents video installations: from Baptist Coelho, Saraswati Gramich and Eric Chauvier, Jeremiah Dres will be presented at the "pop-up gallery", which animates the shopping mall at the Basilique Saint-Denis. The landscape Sophie Barbaux consist of temporary gardens. Loïc Connanski reveals an unusual Marcel Duchamp. Stéphane Three Squares orchestrate a major international virtual happening through the Skype application.