People, space, time, matter, technology

My body is female, it is mine.
It traveled from far places, had crossed paths, sometimes amusing, occasionally violent.
Often because of the strange behaviors, I could hardly find a right place in society.
Its brain is never paused, rarely at rest or at peace.
It is a reflection of life, the desire to live, to create and freedom. My body thinks, ponders and transfers information from one point to another.
They can be deformed with a mixture of interfering signals.
Saturated and left an inevitably loss of information.

Breakfast with atelier contes

Shifting between the tangible and the digital, I create artworks that explore the relation between people, space, time, matter, and technology. Currently, I am mostly using the internet as the platform of creation, as well as installation and drawing.

My daily food: web, internet networks, cloud, languages, codes, colours, services, philosophical books, smells and tactile ...

My drawings are mostly preliminary studies for my installations. I use organic forms, almost microscopic traces, my body gestures, colors, collections, traces, lines, that half of them placed outside the frame and deliberately unfinished. The work intends to link and cut elements.

I seek to explore the idea of ​​noise and resonance in their permanent changes: they are formed and connected by the dissemination of information from multiple sources which cause entanglement of internal and external paths.