Artist in Residence Eric Chauvier & Saraswati Gramich

Parents house at AVVEJ / Rencontre 93 Saint-Denis

Conceived with Synesthesie, the project proposed a cross work between writing and visual arts, as a collaborative work between Eric Chauvier and Saraswati Gramich with Rencontre 93 / AVVEJ and the parents in relational difficulties with their children.

During the “Théâtre et conte” atelier, I intend to collect fragments of visual and sound (photos or videos). In this collection of sounds and visual will be added the text of Eric Chauvier. These materials will be assembled in the form of an animation. The animation will present the idea of matrix: a nonlinear narrative with several doors. It is a rhythm where alternate presence and absence. It is the matrix of invisibility. I intend to show by not revealing everything, and try to show what is not visible, and does not seem important in appearance. Visuals and texts will respond as a heartbeat.

Fils en guerre atelier contes