Et que l’aventure continue…(And the adventure continues ...)

Contemporary Art Exhibition 
From June 17 to September 21, 2014 
Museum of Fine Art, Bernay

Opening hours and days: everyday except Monday from 11AM to 6PM

Building a collection of artwork is an adventure. It is an act that requires passion, patience, curiosity, knowledge and instinct. Those who are engaged in this endeavour know how it can become a personal investment. "And the adventure continues ..." exhibition aims to explore the concept of "collection" by presenting a private collection of Contemporary Art by Philippe Delaunay (PhD Collection).

Philippe Delaunay, a Contemporary Art collector

In his dental work space, Philippe Delaunay received many artists. Some artists paid through artworks. Dr. Delaunay buys works and chooses his art piece intensively. His collection is never scattered. It found its place in his office and home. It had greatly increased to the point of not being able to find a place on walls. The closets became a storage while the exhibition of artworks are constantly renewed.

Philippe Delaunay collection includes more than 1000 objects (paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints). The biggest names in Art alongside lesser known artists: Robert Delaunay, Quentin Quint, Jean Gorin, César, Mitsouko Mori, Lucio Fontana, Agnès Pezeu, Simon Hantaï, Hoepel Tilman, Aurélie Nemours, Etienne Zucker, Calder, Sunmi Kim, Claude Viallat, Saraswati Gramich, Raymond Hains, Anne Rochette, ….

The collection was started 35 years ago based on his intuition. He chooses works guided only by his sensitivity. This is what explains the eclectic nature of his collection that mixes works from all the major currents of 20th century Art (Practical Art, Lyrical Abstraction, Second School of Paris, Support-Surface, Figurative , Arte Povera, Graffiti Art, Fluxus, Cobra, New Realism, etc..).

The Museum of Fine Art Bernay, a collection, collectors

In parallel with the presentation of this particular collection, the museum re-works the exhibition completely to showcase private collections to the public: Alphonse Assegond collection, Eugene Lobrot or collection of artist Henri de Maistre.

These collections are now scattered across the rooms serving a scientific and cultural discourse that showcases History of Art, but forgetting the essential humanity. By reviving these old private collections, the museum questions its role as a public collector and perspective on its collections.

Is the museum a "collector" like the others? Are private and public collectors look at the yesterday's and today's Art the same way? Are they guided by the same objectives?

The exhibition will attempt to answer these questions throughout the museum. There will be more than 90 works from PhD collection that will be presented to the public for three months. Some pieces made by today's artists supported by the collector will be exhibited in the museum, echoing the old collections.

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Musée des Beaux-Arts, Bernay